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About Queensland Group

Queensland Group is the Queensland Branch of the Australian Air League. Queensland Group was formed in 1970. We currently operate six squadrons from Coolangatta through to Bundaberg. Queensland Group aims to:

The Queensland Group currently operates six squadrons within Queensland, from Coolangatta through to Bundaberg. To find a squadron near you please visit the squadrons page.



Queensland Group Staff

Queensland group is run by several officers. Each officer on group staff have a specific role which they perform. Currently Queensland Group's staff are:

Todd Oakley

Lieutenant Commissioner
Group Executive Commissioner

Michael Lawlor

Group Commissioner
Group Operations Commissioner

Kerri Lawlor

Group Commissioner
Group Field Commissioner

Walter Savell

Group Lieutenant
Group Administration Officer

Aaron Loeken

Group Lieutenant
Group Quartermaster
Group Air Activities Officer

Di Ballard

Wing Captain
Group Education Officer

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